Whoopi Goldberg Uses Vape Pen To Treat Glaucoma

In her first column, Whoopi Goldberg uses vape pen to smoke pot 

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Whoopi Goldberg is yet another celebrity who is on-board with marijuana.  If fact she wrote her first op-ed column for The Cannabist in which she talks about her “private relationship” with Mary Jane.

She found smoking pot was too harsh on her lungs and throat.  That’s when the vape pen entered her life and helped to east the pain from her glaucoma.

She even gave her vape pen a nickname.  Click here to find out the name.

Ricardo Baca, the founder of The Cannabist who made the partnership with Goldberg a reality, describes first chatting with the mega-celebrity about marijuana off set before filming The View as surreal.

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Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/mbvd/whoopi-goldberg-adds-weed-columnist-to-her-resume

Original article: http://www.thecannabist.co/2014/04/17/whoopi-vape-pen-love-story-column/9571/

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