Tragedy Strikes: California Teen Dies From One Hit Of Spice

Connor Eckhardt, 1994-2014

Horrible: Teen Dies From One Hit Of Spice

Please, please, please be careful what you put into your body.

This Spice “synthetic weed” is such bs.  They are spraying chemicals and trying to create something that “resembles” marijuana.  Nobody dies from marijuana but Spice is another case.

Read this tragic story and be careful.  Smoke real pot not fake pot.

This story was originally published at ViralNova

California teenager Connor Eckhardt slipped into a coma after taking one drag, or “hit,” of synthetic marijuana.  After inhaling the chemically-sprayed herbs, oxygen supply was cut off to Connor’s brain. He drifted into a sleep he would never wake up from.

The Eckhardt’s Family Photo.

After the doctors at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach declared Connor brain dead, his family said their goodbyes and honored the 19-year-old’s wish to become an organ donor.  Through the Facebook page they created after Connor’s death, they have been using their tragedy to educate others about the dangers of using synthetic marijuana.

The family is gathered at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

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