The Costanza Effect: Are People Who Take Naps More Productive?

Mad Men/AMC

Mad Men/AMC

Take naps to be more productive.

A lot of companies are now encouraging naps.

That’s what Michael Breus, sleep specialist and clinical psychologist whose research points towards the benefits of napping.

According to Breus, if you want to feel energized, take a 25- to 30-minute nap during your day at work and you’ll feel energized and alert for longer periods of time.

Who the hell are they and where can I find them?  That’s what I want to know.

Who would’ve known George Costanza’s naps under the desk on Seinfeld were actually scientifically based!

I’ve always been an advocate of the Costanza power nap.  I honestly only need 10-20 minutes and it’s like a gift from the Lord.

Anyways, here’s why the Costanza Effect is so effective:

Naps settle your nerves

Anyways, according to Mandy Oaklander of Prevention, napping for only 15 minutes during the workday can cut your cortisol levels in half!

“Worker Burnout” be gone

According to ABC News, Harvard researchers showed how a 30-minute nap improves the productivity of workers immediately after waking up.  They also show that a one-hour nap can actually improve performance into the later part of the day.

Don’t nap TOO long.

Simple really.  The best length of naps are 25-30 minutes.  If you do sleep longer than 30-minutes, than researchers say you need to sleep 90-minutes, a full sleep cycle.  Otherwise, you’ll wake up sleepier and groggier than when you went to take your nap.

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