Stoner Sends 90 Pounds Of Pot To Wrong Address

We Heart It

We Heart It

Stoner sends 90 pounds of pot to a clothing store on accident!

One of the first things you do when you are sending a package to someone is to double check the shipping label and make sure you’ve got the right address.  You would think if you are sending over 90 POUNDS OF POT, that you would take extra precaution.  Apparently that did not happen to one very stupid stoner.

The Delaware County Daily Times reported on some moron who unfortunately sent over 90 pounds of high grade (no pun intended) pot to the Upper Darby clothing store!  Apparently someone wrote the wrong shipping address and sent multiple shipments of our Green God to the store.

The sender was trying to ship the pot from California to Pennsylvaia.  The first two shipments were 30 pounds each, with another thirty pound package showing up at the front door a couple days later!

The street value per pound is estimated to be around $3,000 dollars.  That means all 90 pounds would total around $270,000 in street value.

As officer Michael Chitwood said:

Ain’t going to be no Merry Christmas on 69th Street.


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