Sex And Weed Equals Best Weed Job Ever?


Dream Job?  Sex and Weed Come Together In Perfect Job For Stoners Who Love Sex

As more and more states knock down the walls of prohibition when it comes to marijuana, more and more job opportunities arise within the pot industry.  Jobs that stoners could only dream of, are now an active reality.  After all, who wouldn’t want to to roll blunts for Waka Flocka for $50,000 per year?

So it’s time to expand your horizon’s about what types of jobs are available for the pot enthusiast.

One job that was available combined your love of weed and sex to become a “sex columnist, with weed focus.”  That’s the job opportunity posted on The Cannabist,  the pot-centered news site set up by The Denver Post.

Here is the actual job description:

Our new freelance columnist will write about sex, relationships, intimacy, gender issues and more as it all relates to a world where marijuana is becoming legal — and oftentimes present in the bedroom.

Our columnist will write about his or her own history, address trends, review related products and answer reader questions.

This is a paid freelance position, and our ideal candidate will truly put him or herself out there.


Although the job is closed, it’s a perfect example of new dream jobs for stoners.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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