Prayers Answered: Marijuana Infused Coffee Is Here!

marijuana_coffee_beansMarijuana Infused Coffee Is A Stoner’s Dream Come True

Stoners and coffee drinkers rejoice!  According to Fast Company, another potrepreneur has hit a home run with yet another irresistable product.  Introducing Compelling & Rich, a herb conditioned (marijuana) form of coffee beans.  The company was started by Kian Abedini, and will be sold worldwide.

Yes you read that right.  It will be sold worldwide, even in countries where cannabis is not legal.  How you wonder?

Well unfortunately, you will not get medicated because the THC gets burned off in the roasting process.  What he does is hot-box the roast room, which is what burns off the THC.   However, it will taste and smell like marijuana.

So if you want a delicious pick me up in the morning, think about trying Compelling & Rich coffee.

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