New Synthetic Marijuana Plutonium Is Putting People In Hospital


New synthetic weed Plutonium is putting people in emergency room

We’ve all heard of Spice and other forms of synthetic marijuana, but a new kind is taking the country by storm. ¬†And as usual, it has devastating effects compared to marijuana.

Marijuana has been used to reduce seizures.  Unfortunately, synthetic marijuana seems to CAUSE seizures.

The new product on the streets, often called “plutonium,” leaves users with the exact opposite experience. They suffer from low blood pressure, a slowed heart rate, and sometimes coma, respiratory arrest, and kidney injury.

Sometimes the hospital visit reveals that the seizures are only the beginning.

They rushed him here with renal failure and 85 percent of his muscle mass in his legs had been gone,” Onashay said.

Please stick to pot, don’t try to replicate it with a bunch of chemicals combined together in a lab that only serve to make the business owner filthy rich at the expense of your kidneys, heart, or life.

This new synthetic marijuana plutonium can put you or someone you know in the emergency room.

To read the full story and all of the risks posed to people, visit:

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