Mother Uses 6-Foot Marijuana Plant As Family’s Christmas Tree


A Chilean woman has been arrested for drug trafficking after police found 21 marijuana plants in her home, including a marijuana plant that was used as a Christmas tree.

Angelica Navarro Pereira, 50, also had 29 bags of marijuana, two homemade shotguns and approximately $400 in cash in her San Bernardo, Chile, home, RT reports.

One of the marijuana trees was surrounded by wrapped-up presents.

According to the Metro, a neighbor said,

When I spoke to her yesterday she said her children were going to really enjoy Christmas this year and that she had the best tree in the world. I don’t remember seeing her taking one in. Now I know why.

Police had been investigating Pereira for over a month and raided her home after evidence of drug trafficking was obtained.

A police spokesperson said,

We expected to find some drugs, but the last thing we expected to see was one of the plants being used as a Christmas tree.

The majority of the plants were about 4.9 feet tall, but the Christmas tree was the tallest, according to RT, measuring approximately 5.7 feet in height.

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