McGruff the Crime Dog Busted For Possessing 1,000 Pot Plants

In the words of Will Ferrell: “Oh Sweet Irony…”

The actor that portrayed McGruff the Crime Dog was convicted of  possession of 1,000 marijuana plants.

NBC News reports:

John Russell Morales, 41, an actor who once played the crime-fighting cartoon bloodhound, has been sentenced to nearly two decades behind bars after pleading guilty to possessing 1,000 marijuana plants and a cache of nearly 30 weapons — including a grenade launcher and thousands of ammunition rounds.

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McGruff the Crime Dog was sentenced for selling pot.
My heroes are always such a letdown.— Navy Bean (@Navy_Bean_Soup) February 07, 2014!/talabi/status/431945681797132288!/jjammerzs/status/431942625449766912


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