Marijuana Mixed Greens Salad Will Get You High And Healthy

Would you like to get healthy?  Would you like to get healthy and high at the same time?  If so you’re in luck.  Thanks to   blog, The Savory, now you can get healthy and high with a -infused salad.

The  Mixed Greens Salad has fennel, tomatoes, carrots, radicchio, and bell peppers, with hemp seeds and, ground pot on top.  The pot on top will NOT get you high but…

The dressing is a whole other story. It is a vinaigrette that’s weed-infused, and requires two weeks to achieve its full THC potential.

Click the video below to see how you can start making the Marijuana Mixed Greens Salad tonight!

H/T: Huffington Post

Read more of Gillian Fuller’s article:

Here’s the Youtube link as well:

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