Marijuana Miracle: 6-Year-Old Girl Proves Marijuana Isn’t Just For Stoners (Video)

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This Marijuana Miracle will put a smile on your face.

Charlotte, a 6-year-old girl from Colorado with Epilepsy used to have 400 seizures A WEEK! Thanks to medical marijuana this little girl has a new lease on life.

Josh Stanley discusses the science that has had such an amazing impact on her and many others who suffer from Epilepsy.  This is an unbelievable story about life, marijuana, and second chances.

However, the whole video isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. ┬áMake sure you watch up the 10:45 mark and you’ll see some of the heartache that surrounds this debate.



To learn more about the org producing Charlotte’s Web, you could Like Realm of Caring on Facebook. And maybe share Charlotte’s story so other kids can start to live real lives?

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