Marijuana Industry: Billions To Be Made By Regular People

The Marijuana Industry: The New Gold Rush?

Forbes recently wrote a great article and video about cannabis becoming America’s fastest growing industry.  Last year alone, in the United States, there was 1.6 Billion to 1.9 Billion dollars made in legal medical marijuana sales.  That does NOT include retail and specialty stores.

In fact, according to, cannabis is set to become a $7 BILLION dollar industry.

The Factbook projects that legal cannabis businesses will do roughly $8 billion in revenue by 2018. So that’s more than $7 billion of upside potential in the near-term marketplace.

With 23 states defining pot as legal in some way, many feel the tipping point has occurred.  Big industry like tobacco, agriculture, and venture capital already is preparing for the coming marijuana gold rush.

However, big industry aren’t the only ones who will benefit.  Every day, more and more “Average Joe’s” are starting to recognize the opportunity that is marijuana.

There is no reason why you can’t rake in some serious dough in some way when it comes to marijuana.  Maybe you could start a blog, write a book, or create a podcast.

I actually came across a great product a while ago that teaches people How To Make Money Online With A Pot Business.  I dropped a few bucks and have made thousands from my online pot adventure.  So whether you want to start a dispensary, or go low-key and make money online, there are options for all of us lovers of Mary Jane.

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