ISIS Burns Weed: Huge Stash Of Pot Destroyed Before Our Very Eyes (Video)

Say It Aint So: ISIS Burns Weed In Video

ISIS has instituted an extremely strict form of religious law in the areas of Syria and Iraq under its control, such as forbidding smoking, forcing women to veil, and conducting public executions and crucifixions for even minor offensives.

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The U.N. on Wednesday released a report accusing ISIS of committing "mass atrocities" that likely amounted to crimes against humanity in Syria, where the extremist group has conquered much of the east and terrorized residents with its brutality.

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1. A video shows ISIS fighters burning good quality marijuana.  They cut the weed from Aleppo, a Syrian province that ISIS had recently took over.

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BuzzFeed could not independently verify the contents of this video.

2. Speaking in Arabic, an ISIS fighter says about pot: “It [marijuana] is very widespread in America.”

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3. ISIS which has terrorized the region conducts public executions and crucifixions on a regular basis.


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