Church of Cannabis Has Been Legally Formed

The first Church of Cannabis has been formed in Indiana by a man by the named of Bill Levin.  The GoFundMe page for the church reads

Are other religions just not [satisfying] your need for spirituality? Has your faith left the standard church doctrine?  Well I have an answer. I have created the FIRST CHURCH OF CANNABIS. A church based on LOVE and FAITH with the plant we know and love.

Levin filed the needed paperwork to the IRS and was granted tax-exempt status within 30 days.

“Somebody at the IRS loves us”, said Levin when talking about his filing status.

The first service will be held on July 1, but Levin hasn’t even secured a location yet.  Either way, it’s another example of cannabis becoming more and more mainstream in America.


Watch a video from CNN here

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